Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Lady of Civitavecchia

On the 2nd of February 1995 - Feast of the Presentation of Jesus and the Purification of Mary - a small statue of our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary began to weep tears of blood in a family garden in St. Augustine’s parish Civitavecchia, Roma.

    The statue which came from Medjugorie, represents Our Lady Queen of Peace.

    From 2nd February to lSth March 1995, the statue wept tears of blood for 14 times in the presence of many people who deposed their sworn testimonies to a Theological Commission instituted by the bishop. The last lacrimation of blood by the statue happened while it was held in the hands of the bishop of Civitavecchia, Mons. Girolamo Grillo. This superceded all doubts and opened the path towards an official recognition to the event.

    The small statue has been scientifically examined with positive results. There were no tricks, deceptions or apparatus hidden inside it. And the tears are those of human blood.

    Finally, after many difficulties extraneous to the fact itself, the bishop placed the statue in a vase on l7th June 1995, and exposed it for veneration by the faithful.

    From that l7th day of June 1995, a considerable pilgrimmage to this statue began from all parts of the world. Many testimonies of grace have been related, accompanied with tokens of appreciation that all attest to the intercession of She that all now invoke as "Our Lady of Civitavecchia" - "Madonnina di Civitavecchia".

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